Lending a Helping Hand – One Family at a Time

Sabko Sahara, Sankalp Hamara

Our Vision

Kushal Bharat exists to Help Families Regain Sustainable Livelihoods

The last few months have unleashed an adversity upon mankind which has few parallels in our collective memories. The Covid-19 pandemic has had paralyzing effects on the livelihoods of millions of migrant workers who depend on daily wages to sustain themselves and their families. With scarcity and a lack of employment opportunities transcending regional spheres, thousands of families have been driven into homelessness, and many more into relocating.

In April 2020, Kushal Bharat embarked on a mission to make a small but meaningful impact in the lives of these pandemic-stricken families, and has been successful in rekindling their livelihoods.

How We Do?

On a mission to make India Atmanirbhar


Identify Potential Beneficiaries

We work with our mentors and partners to identify people who have lost their livelihoods and who are seeking financial support to put their lives back on track


A Swift Screening

We do a quick screening and evaluation of the intended end-use of the grant to ensure maximum impact


Bringing Donors
to the Platform

We crowdsource funds to provide grants to the shortlisted beneficiaries



We track the progress of the beneficiaries and over time plan to create an ecosystem to bring them back into the social and economic mainstream

Lives Impacted

Some of the People Who Benefited From This Initiative

Till Sept. 2020, Kushal Bharat has been able to provide support to over 40 migrant workers who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. These are some of their stories.

Sanjog Sharma (Mumbai)

Was working as a massage therapist,
started fishing business now

Iqbal (Allahabad)

Was a tailor in Mumbai,
opened his own provision store now

Raghunath (Rourkela)

Was working in a grocery shop,
started his own snack stall now

Naveena & Kripadevi (Mathura)

Lost their jobs due to COVID-19,
using stitching machine for business now

Anil (Delhi)

Was working as a driver,
bought a cow and started milk business

Anita (Delol, Gujarat)

Lost her job during the pandemic,
started selling panipuri now

Irshad (Nigajpur, Allahabad)

Was working in an accessory shop,
started his own fashion accessories shop

Leela Yadav (Wai, Maharashtra)

Was a masseur for new born kids or old-age, started selling vegetables now

Manjula P (Surendranagar, Gujarat)

Lost her job,
started a food business

Sadna Kanojia (Delol, Gujarat)

Lost her regular job in COVID-19,
started stitching clothes now

Shobhana (Surendranagar, Gujarat)

Lost her job during COVID-19,
selling sanitary napkins & ladies wear

Dhruv (Gamdi, Gujarat)

Used to sell dry snacks,
Lost his job and started his own pav stall




Lives impacted


Micro Entrepreneurs



Mentor them to help build their businesses

Become A Mentor

Be a part of Kushal Bharat to make India Atmanirbhar

Kushal Bharat exists to Help Families Regain Sustainable Livelihoods